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Other Initiatives

There is no bound to the ways in which you can raise awareness about human trafficking and support Guria from abroad! Worldwide FREEDOM NOW campaign can be implemented in whatever ways you are interested in and passionate about. Take a look at your interests and skills, and apply them in a more humane and creative way!

Freedom Now! London to Cambridge Cycle Ride :
On Sunday July 13th a brave group of cyclists will ride from London to Cambridge to raise awareness and funds for Guria's outstanding work in India.


Documentary Screenings :

Around the world, screenings of documentaries about Guria are being shown, to further educate the larger community about human trafficking and the work Guria does.
Below are a few of the documentaries made about Guria from around the world.

Specks of Dust, by Azza Cohen and Shaina Watrous
1. Click Here
2. Click Here

Gudiya, by Blush Originals

Busting Varanasi's Child Prostitution Racket, by 101 Underground

Busting Varanasi's Child Prostitution Racket, by 101 Underground

Breaking Chains, Building Community, by Paradigm Shift Project