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Step 1) Education

Educate students and peers about human trafficking. We have created a curriculum which you are free to use and share with others. We have also produced a condensed Dior Replica Handbags research document titled "What is Human Trafficking?" which concisely explains pertinent information about the nature of human trafficking from an international perspective.

Step 2) Art Creation

Facilitate student art production. Full directions and Replica Hermes Handbags guidelines will be found in our curriculum. Students may produce any art in any medium, as long as an image, copy, or recording of the final product can be uploaded. See our resource "Art Creation" for guidelines regarding the art creation.

Step 3) Art Exchange

Exchange art with students around the globe at our upload page. Then, browse other schools' art and select pieces to print and add to your school's exhibit.

See a selection of Prada Replica Handbags art produced by previous participants on our art galley page.

Step 4) Global Exhibit

On an annualy specified date, put on an exhibit in your community to raise awareness Valentino Replica Handbags and spark conversations about human trafficking. With art produced at your school and printed art from YSL Replica Handbagssaround the world, build a display or organize a gathering to share and discuss what's been created.

Contact guria.intern@gmail.com for more information Balenciaga Replica Handbags or for clarification on any of these points.